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Visionary Artist
Community Advocate

the Brian Bailey Art FoundatioN

Brian Bailey's journey as both an artist and entrepreneur began early, leading him to significant roles such as a creative lead at a renowned national park where he developed custom brand rollouts and designed two captivating restaurants. A self-taught artist specializing in mixed media, Brian uses oils and acrylics to create artworks that transcend boundaries with their freedom, energy, and luminosity, weaving concealed narratives with ethereal perspectives.

In Washington, D.C., Brian extends his dedication beyond his artistic achievements to significant community and educational contributions. He teaches art in numerous D.C. schools and offers free painting services at community events. His commitment to fostering creativity among youth is highlighted by his program for the DC Cherry Blossom Arts Festival, collaborating with students from Malcolm X Elementary School to create murals showcased at Petalpalooza.

Recently, Brian has taken his commitment a step further by establishing the Brian Bailey Art Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to empower and elevate underprivileged youth through the transformative power of art, providing them with educational resources, opportunities, and scholarships that foster artistic expression and personal growth. Its vision is to ensure that every young individual, regardless of their background, has access to the arts and can use creative expression as a tool for personal development, community engagement, and career advancement.

Brian's efforts have been recognized with the Mayor’s Arts Award for Excellence in Arts Education. His inaugural solo exhibition, "Might As Well," showcasing his vibrant abstract designs and heart-felt creations, at the 2100 L Street Gallery further cements his status as a pivotal figure in the DC art scene. Beyond his artistic achievements, Brian remains committed to community service, nurturing creativity, and shaping the cultural landscape of Washington, D.C., making him a dynamic force for art and creativity in the community.

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